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If you're a coach, then you know that the real work happens when you're not in the room. FL-UX provides all of the tools that's needed for coaches to analyze a team's performance.

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Features made to making your coaching job easy

Monitor your players

Our web portal makes it easy to analyze data, watch videos, and compare players’ performances.

Analyze team performance

 Our software is the perfect solution for your team’s game performance analysis needs.

Develop key points

Highlight specific moments of the game for your player’s to clearly understand what is happening.

train your team

Create training sessions based off off of the needs of your team or opponent’s previous performance.

victor vasques

” I tried many, many programs to find myself comfortable. It wasn’t easy, but I can tell you that I am willing to feel myself comfortable with FL-UX to develop my work.

So if you are looking for something simple and at the same time, answer your questions as a coach, I advise you to go to FL-UX. To save you a lot of time and a lot of energy to do other things for sure. “

Victor Vasques

Head Coach at UAE Beach Soccer National Team

Coaching couldn't be any easier

Coaches wear many hats, with FL-UX you will be able to simplify your workload to make your job easy.

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