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It's not only about what you do on the field, but it's also what you do off the field to determine how a player will improve.

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Identify the player's strengths and weakness

Individual Performance

Highlighting an individual’s performance will assist the player to understanding what he or she needs to improve on.

Study your opponents

Get the edge for your upcoming match by getting complete insight on how they perform during the match.

Get the results

Better preparation means winning results and winning results start with FL-UX

"We all have smartphones nowadays, and academy coaches can share how the first team is training. The academy players can then watch how the first team is training every day from anywhere they are. 

As a club Shonan Bellmare, if we can develop player identities from the academy all the way to the first team, we can eliminate the adjustment period of academy players who get brought into the first team. This tool that can easily be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere should be able to do this right away"

Shonan Bellmare

Professional Soccer Club playing in J-league 1

Improving overall player performance

Your players will be able to watch their performance to see how they can improve for the next upcoming match.

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