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Made by Football Professionals for Football Professionals

Our platform is designed to benefit all football professionals. We provide wide variety of tools to help you analyze overall team performance and individual performances. 


Study your team’s strengths and weaknesses to improve your result 


Identify and highlight opponents’ strategy and tendencies to gain a competitive edge 


Be the first to identify the next generation players


Understand your role and self-evaluate your performance




per month

10 hr / month

Unlimited number of video clips

Unlimited number of tags

Access to all sketching tools

Start as low as $15 a month

Here at FL-UX, we believe in simplicity. We understand you don’t want to spend a lot of money on software. That’s why we created this starter plan which you get access to everything you need to start producing professional video analysis results for $14.99 a month. There’s nothing complicated, a complete package for your everyday video analysis needs.  


NO dedicated ANALYST needed

All you need is ONE COACH

Make a video clip with just ONE tap


Detect players AUTOMATICALLY

No laptop is needed, just a TABLET

FULLY AUTOMATED process done in seconds


Automatically compile STATS

SCENE SEARCH to find specific plays

VISUALIZATION tools to find the match flow


MESSAGE each other directly via video clips

Use FL-UX as your digital NOTEBOOK

Easily create and SHARE playlists

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