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The real work happens when you're not on the field. FL-UX provides all of the tools that's needed for coaches to analyze a team's performance.

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Features made for game analysis Specialist

Player Tracking

Connect together multiple players to show team specific shape and formation.

Create Scenes

Study your opponents by creating scenes to showcase their strengths and weaknesses.


Communicate on specific moments of the match and ensure that the player understands what happened.

Real-time Data

Collect information during your match to be prepared for your half-time strategy talk. 

paul lawrence

” [FL-UX] Provides video analysis in a very very user-friendly, player-friendly, and coach-friendly way.

With a few clicks, I can get an individual to see their experiences whether it be on the training pitch or from the matchday footage.”

Paul Lawrence

Owner of Project Pro / Technical and Tactical Performance Analyst

Keep all of your work in one place

Through our cloud-based software, game analyst will now have the ability to highlight any moment of the match on any type of device.

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