Beach Soccer Game Analysis Course

beach soccer Game Analysis course held across 34 nations

The first week of September was a great week for the FL-UX team. We partnered with Beach Soccer Los Angeles to hold two different courses to showcase how game analysis software can be implemented within the beach soccer coaching methodology. After a long hard month of promoting the course, we had almost 200 signups. The most  beautiful thing about this course is that we had participants coming from 34 different countries. 

Who is Beach Soccer Los Angeles?

Beach Soccer Los Angeles is one of the leading promoters of the sport of beach soccer within the western hemisphere. They have been focused on developing the sport over the last 6 years along with providing educational opportunities for people to learn more about the game. They already understood the importance of game analysis and why everyone should learn more about it, which led to this collaboration and course. 

Who was the instructor?

Beach Soccer Los Angeles provided an instructor that is a 2-time Beach Soccer World Cup Winner, Luiz Escobar from Brazil. Escobar has coached many club and national teams from all around the world. During the sessions Escobar covered the importance of game analysis and how to analyze a match. Many of us get caught watching the game while trying to analyze the game and Escobar made a very good point to all of the participants. 

Before you start analyzing the game, you must create a protocol, without this, you will not know what to look for. Are you wanting to see how to transition from defense to offense, or are you wanting to understand how the goals where scored? By choosing your protocol first, you will know exactly what to look for when you analyze the game.”

What were the topics and who led it?

After explaining the importance of choosing a protocol. Escobar went straight into demonstrating how to utilize the FL-UX tools while showing some examples on how he would utilize the tools for the specific protocol that he chose for himself. After that we split the participants into multiple groups for a small group project to allow the coaches to work together, analyze the game, and to get a first hand experience on how to use FL-UX. 

At the end of the course, everyone seemed to be very energized to continue learning about game analysis as they had a complete understanding on the value of implementing technology into their beach soccer coaching routine. 

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