Effortless Tools to Aid your analysis

FL-UX offers a variety of tools to help visualize your thoughts on video through graphics, texts, and voice-overs. Scroll down to learn more about what type of tools you can find on our platform.

Video Clipping

3-Ways to make a clip

Make a clip maximum of 3 clicks

Easy to adjust the video clip start and end with live-preview


Fool-proof video tagging

Fully customizable tags for all of your needs

Detailed tag types to generate data reports


10+ sketching tools to create professional-grade analysis

Make complex drawings without leaving the app

Easily edit previously made sketches

Motion Tracking

No heavy equipment, just your every-day iPad

Track player's movement, shape & position dynamically

Fully automated motion tracking tool

Scene Search

Easily search through your past video clips

Quickly compile them into a list to review plays

Save search result to create playlists to share

Data Visualization

Auto-generated data reports

Get statistical insights to your game

Apply filters to key in on specific moments


Create channels to share your analysis

Have a private conversation

Easily share content to other channels when ready


Message players and coaches within the app

Comment directly on video clips to have direct conversations

Create groups to have discussions


Create a list to share and export for team meetings

Gather key moments from different matches in one place

Easily share with you team

Real-time Tagging

Analyze games on the pitch side

Super-fast tagging to stay up with the live match

Everything is auto-saved in the cloud as you go


Instant replay to see your opponent's tactics

Half-time meetings with video footage

Stay connected with remote analysts

Live Stream

Super fast setup to start streaming right away

Use the FL-UX app to live stream

Smartphones and tablets are now a live-streaming device

Offline System

No internet needed, perfect solution for traveling analysts

Sync with your cloud environment to combine your work


Setup a local livestream without internet

Analyze matches as it happens

Instant-replay on any device connected to the local network

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