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Beach Soccer Game Analysis Course

The first week of September was a great week for the FL-UX team. We partnered with Beach Soccer Los Angeles to hold two different courses to showcase how game analysis software can be implemented within the beach soccer coaching methodology. After a long hard month of promoting the course, we had almost 200 signups. The most  beautiful thing about this course is that we had participants coming from 34 different countries… 

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Victor Vasques Interview

As we approach the start of the World Cup Qatar 2022, I had the opportunity to chat with Victor Vasques who works for the neighboring country UAE. Vasques is a sports training specialist who works as the Assistant Coach for the UAE Men’s Beach Soccer National Team. He has been with the team since 2016 and is about to enter his 8th season. He has recently started using FL-UX as the video analysis solution in 2021…

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